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Exocomm hosting services

Need real infrastructure? Exocomm operates real physical infrastructure in strategic data centers around the world. Exocomm's hosting service is far less expensive than big-brand cloud companies like Amazon or Google -- and we've got better support and global scalability, too.

  • cloud infrastructure
    • nodes
      • choose from KVM, Xen or Oracle VM full virtualization architectures
      • choose Toronto, Los Angeles, Seattle or Amsterdam locations
      • 1 CPU core (additional CPU cores optional)
      • 1 GB RAM (additional RAM optional)
      • 100 GB base storage (additional storage optional)
      • 1 IP4 address (additional address space optional)
      • gigabit uplink

    • storage : high-performance cached SSD, by the GB
    • database : high-performance SQL service, by the GB

  • dedicated servers : quad Xeon 3-Ghz, 256 GB of RAM, 2-TB storage, unmetered gigabit uplink
  • colocation : by rack units (U)
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