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Aren't sure exactly what you need? Need some help with a technical challenge? Hire Exocomm to solve problems for you. Exocomm Technologies is a full-service technology consulting and managed services firm based in Toronto, Canada. Offering fully managed solutions, a robust global backbone and next-generation technologies, Exocomm can support your enterprise network like no other provider.

Exocomm provides a full spectrum of services from simple web hosting to complete management and development of your information infrastructure including networks, storage, servers, databases, web servers, and application servers, third-party applications and even your own custom business applications.

Exocomm services allow you to focus on building your business, while we focus on operating your information systems. If you wish, Exocomm can manage your entire application infrastructure to ensure that you are consistently providing your customers with the reliability and performance that they expect. Rather than hiring a costly internal team of system administrators or diverting your existing resources away from internal or business system management, leverage Exocomm's team of application experts to support your critical infrastructure.

Next to personnel, information technology is often the largest operational expense a business must bear. It's not a question of if technology is necessary for a business, but how much is required and when it should be deployed. In contrast to conventional expenses such as raw materials, advertising or office space, the complex nature of technology often makes procurement decisions relatively difficult. If you're behind the curve on technical innovation, your business will starve. But invest too heavily in the latest fads, and your business will run out of money. Investing too much, or too little, in technology is one of the most common factors affecting the success or failure of a business. To make wise decisions about when and how much, you need highly specialized knowledge.

When you first develop a business plan, you'll enumerate the resources necessary for success. You'll probably need a web site, e-mail, and some form of database for your customer and transaction records. Technology may play vital a role in advertising, research and development, or customer support. Your actual products might be information-based and delivered via the internet. You need to implement technology at the precise moment it will deliver maximum business value. Decision-makers who are not technically oriented may have a difficult time making sense of the hype surrounding IT investments. Are we in the cloud? Should we be on Facebook? Is all this expensive technology we're buying really helping our business succeed?

Exocomm provides top-quality network management services for organizations who require professional-quality maintenance of their network. Perhaps your company does not have sufficient internal resources to meet the demands of a particular project, or you might be running a network located thousands of miles away from your office. In these situations, Exocomm managed services can offer a cost-effective solution to your network management challenges. Generally, we can accommodate managed service customers anywhere in the world.

Upon completion of the conceptual design and planning, the project manager will establish, in conjunction with the various members of the project team, a detailed project schedule for close control of all subsequent project activities. Key schedule dates will be established. He will issue regular reports showing progress relative to the schedule. The project manager will report on a regular basis to the client to keep him fully informed on all aspects of the project. The project manager will set up a project organization that is specifically structured to the size, complexity and scope of the project.

Exocomm consulting services are available on an hourly or retainer basis. Ready to begin? Purchase a block of hours, or if your project is more complex, ask us for a quote.

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