Exocomm OS

the Exocomm Linux Operating System

a complete, embeddable, secure Linux operating system -- one of the first Linux distributions ever

Exocomm hosting

host your infrastructure in the Exocomm cloud

cloud and bare-metal infrastructure for a globally-scalable presence; faster & cheaper than AWS

the Exocomm Server

the Exocomm Server

a full-stack application framework, using compiled code to blow the competition away

hire Exocomm

Exocomm consulting

Hire Exocomm to help design your custom solution.

Exocomm OS lite

Exocomm OS lite

ultra-low-footprint OS for embedded devices - Qualcomm Atheros, ARM, Broadcom etc.

network monitoring service

Exocomm network monitoring services

fast, robust solutions for Big Data

Exocomm Agent

Exocomm Agent

advanced network monitoring and data capture agent for the Internet of Things

Exocomm API

Exocomm API & build libraries

white-label our killer apps, or call Exocomm Server functions from your own code

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